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Bitumen Sprayer Pump

Fluid Tech Systems offer “ROTOFLUID” brand gear pump Model “FTFX” which is most efficient and economic range of flange and foot mounting type positive displacement rotary gear pump. Model “FTFX” having Single helical shrink fitted gear pair and hardened and grind finished shaft.Ultra bronze sintered bushes ensured smooth running. It is perfectly designed and construction which increase life of pump and performance of pump.

Model “FTFX” is very similar construction like Model “FTX” but the changes are at end. This pump having flange at the end of suction and delivery which is available only in ¾” size. The flange is specially designed for cleaning pump’s inside casing without open pump.

Material of Construction
Part Material For FTFX
Body IS.210 FG 220 C.I. Grade
Back Cover IS.210 FG 220 C.I. Grade
R.H. & L.H. Gear EN-8
Rotor/Stator Shaft EN-19
Bearing[Bushes] Non Ferrous Sintered Bronze
Sealing “GFO” Pack Teflon
R.V. Cap Aluminum
Key for coupling EN-8
  • Compact and Simple design.
  • Foot and Flange mounting options.
  • Self priming pump.
  • Bi-directional positive displacement pump.
  • With relief valve design.
  • Optional high temperature version up to 200º c.
  • Flange end construction at suction & Delivery.
  • Low cost.
  • Widely used in Bitumen Application
  • Bitumen loading and unloading.

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Bitumen Sprayer Pump

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